Enabling excellence in clinical examination...

Course Materials

Each BromptonPACES candidate will receive a comprehensive folder containing detailed course notes on each of the topics covered within the course.

This will contain a separate section for each system focusing on the following aspects:

  • A structured step-by-step approach to clinical examination, highlighting important aspects that are commonly missed or carried out badly by candidates sitting final year OSCE examinations

  • A list of the most commonly encountered cases seen in medical school OSCEs and the key findings that should be elicited when carrying out examinations of these cases

  • Common questions that are asked by the examiners during discussion of OSCE cases and how to improve your answers to these

  • Mnemonics to aid recall during stressful examination conditions

  • Tips for performing better that your peers

Each section covers not only the basic medical examination routines but covers all of the likely scenarios you will meet in medical school OSCEs.