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Feedback from previous BromptonPACES courses

How well organised was this workshop?
9.20 out of 10
How relevant was this workshop to your needs?
9.35 out of 10
How useful did you find this revision workshop?
9.30 out of 10
How would you rate the teaching on this course?
9.28 out of 10
(Feedback from 50 Imperial College final year medical students who attended the BromptonPACES course on March 3rd 2012)

100% of BromptonPACES course candidates felt more confident for their PACES examinations after attending

Feedback - January 2015

Very high quality course. Thanks! Great teaching, very comprehensive. Covered all the salient points very well
Final Year, Barts and the London, January 2015 course
Very grateful for the course and appreciated the learning experience. Good overview of the essentials!
Final Year, Barts and the London, January 2015 course
Succinct and comprehensive. Well structured. Engaging, enthusiastic lecturers!
University of Buckingham, Clinical MD candidate
Really detailed examination tips; overall, extremely satisfied.
Imperial College 3rd year, January 2015

Previous course feedback

Great comprehensive review in preparation for finals
IC final year 2012
Very good for fine-tuning exam and taking it to the next level. Excellent session. Very, very useful!
IC final year 2012
Great review of medical stations, very nice tutors - all approachable and enthusiastic.
IC final year 2012
Excellent and comprehensive. Lots of good lateral thinking. Excellent advice about technique.
IC final year 2012
Excellent overall, good breadth of knowledge.
IC final year 2012
Really enthusiastic, excellent. Good extra tips beyond the basics.
IC final year 2012
Excellent teachers, great format!
IC final year 2012